Why people buy

There are three main reasons people buy our VACUFLO cleaning systems. Power, convenience, health, and cost. And yes, we said three things and then provided four. Just our way of over delivering…

Seriously though, these are the most common reasons people give us when we ask why they bought a cleaning system.

A central cleaning system brings 3-5 times more cleaning power to the job. This is mostly due to the fact that the motor is a lot more powerful. It can be larger and heavier because you are not carrying it around your house or up and down the stairs.

A central system is a lot more convenient to use, especially with the quick clean tools we have now and the popular retractable hose systems.

Indoor air quality continues to be a huge issue and more and more people suffer from allergies other breathing issues. A central system is vented to the outside, so all vacuumed dust and debris is either collected in the canister or vented to the exterior.

If you knew you were going to spend $400 every 3-5 years on a disposable vacuum…would you? Not if you could invest in a better cleaning tool that would actually pay you back when you sell your home. The total cost of
ownership is lower with a quality built-in vacuum.

Here are a few other reasons we hear from time to time:

Noise – when my central is running in the basement, I don’t even hear it

I just want the best – these systems were simply better for the money

My mom had one of those things with the water in it…one day I accidentally knocked it over…When I saw these I knew what I wanted.