Why is my house more dusty?

A customer called and asked us to come out and check out the entire system as she noticed her home had suddenly begun to be dusty, which had never been an issue before.
We inspected and test the entire system and verified that everything was in proper working order and the performance was as specified.

After talking to her we learned that a cleaning service was hired after her recent back surgery. Turns out the cleaning service was choosing NOT to use her central cleaning system. They were using a disposable vacuum that had poor filtration.

The result was that the vacuum they brought in was spewing dust from other people’s houses all through her home. She fired them for lying to her and hired a different firm that ultimately loved her central system.

When you have a central cleaning system, all vacuumed dirt, dust, allergens, mold spores, pet dander and debris is either collected in the dirt bucket or vented outdoors.