We had a fire. Can you help?

We typically hear about several house fires each year. Sometimes they are small and the question pertains to being able to use the system for cleanup. Other times the home is completely gutted and we are replacing everything pertaining to the vacuum system similar to new construction. Most of the time it is something in between, where a portion of the system is affected and the insurance company wants a professional assessment of what must be replaced and what is unaffected.

If you’ve had a fire, we can help.

If it is a small localized fire and the system is intact, you can feel free to use the system for cleanup so long as you are not vacuuming up the powder that comes from a fire extinguisher.
Insurance related questions can be handled quickly and we can provide a full assessment that you can send to your insurance people.

A full rebuild of the system in a home that has been gutted is similar in price to a complete system during new construction. Many people use this opportunity to upgrade some aspects of their home and the cleaning system.

Most insurance companies separate the “contents” and the “system”, where your hoses and attachments are associated with one payment and the inlets, tubing and power unit are on another.