Most of our customers, after experiencing the benefits of cleaning with a central system will never go back to an upright or canister unit (what we lovingly refer to as “disposable” vacuums).

When they sell their home and move into another one, they will demand a central cleaning system. Often they will not make an offer on a home until we verify that we can install a system into the existing structure.

Retrofit jobs are more tedious, difficult and time-consuming. As such, they usually cost a bit more to do. We strive to install the system in a manner that, to the untrained eye would appear to have been installed during original construction.

I’ve seen retrofit installs where other people ran tubing inside closets and otherwise cut holes and left things a bit choppy and sloppy. It takes a bit of skill and some special tools to perform these jobs with elegance.

Retrofit installs have become our specialty and we truly enjoy the challenge of doing them.