MythBusting for vacuums

The two main myths about centralized cleaning systems are:

If your home is already built, it can’t be installed, so you missed out

It must be very expensive, similar in price to central air

Let’s look at these one by one.

First, most people don’t know how it is possible to install tubing and inlets inside existing walls. They figure if they don’t know how to do it must not be possible, so they don’t even consider or inquire about a central system. It turns out that with Hide-A-Hose and other quick clean solutions, it might be easier and even less expensive than ever before to retrofit your home.

Secondly, the price of most retrofit installations falls just a bit more expensive than a system installed during construction. A good budget number to start from is $1 per square foot of living space. This is a reasonable, albeit, the low-end estimate for a professional installation in a standard stick frame home with a basic toolset and an adequate power unit. Obviously, with upgraded power units and multiple tool sets, this budget number will not be sufficient.