My system is clogged – HELP

Clogged system – HELP –

We get calls like this several times a year. Sometimes the customer knows exactly what was vacuumed (a sock) up by mistake and sometimes they have no clue. We have a 100% clog clearing rate. That means we have been able to restore cleaning power to the entire system after every clog. Most of the time (80%) we are able to reverse flow the system and the offending items are easily removed. The remainder requires the cutting of tubing. Once in a while, a large amount of tubing replacement is required.

Before you call us out, there are several things you can try at home if you wish. Sometimes these tips work, sometimes they don’t we are unable to prevent the service call and associated costs.

Here are the things to try:

Hold your hand over the inlet and let the pressure build up, then quickly remove your hand to “pulse” the system. Try this from several inlets, not just the one(s) where you have low airflow.

Confirm that the wand is clear of debris by looking through it.

Make sure the issue is not just in the hose by placing the handle end into the inlet. Pulse the hose by applying the palm of your hand on the nozzle end quickly removing it several times. The hose should “jump” around due to the pressure differential.

Make sure the power unit has a clean bag, filter or that the guard screen is totally clear. Often a clog will clear itself if the power unit has been underperforming due to one of these issues.