Maintaining your system

The power unit and the carpet power head are the items that need a bit of ongoing maintenance.

First the power unit. If your power unit has a filter, it likely needs to be replaced annually for both performance and warranty reasons. If you have a disposable bag unit, then replace it when full. The bags typically hold 40 to 45 pounds of household dirt and often last a full year. If your system uses a True Cyclonic filtration method, your power unit will require the guard screen to be clear of debris. This is typically a once per year task.

Powerheads require minimal ongoing maintenance as well. Most commonly, the roller assembly needs to be kept clear of hair and other stringy items that wrap around the barrel of the beater bar and can get jammed in the beater bar end caps and into the bearings. This is true if your power head is electric driven or air driven.

Most of our customers have True Cyclonic power units and air-driven power heads. They find that they have to spend about 20 minutes a year on maintaining their system and do it themselves.