Indoor air quality

The quality of the inside most homes is worst than many smog filled cities.

Many people are suffering from breathing issues. Allergies, mold sensitivities, pet dander, and dust all contribute to poor indoor air quality. If you visit your local asthma and allergy doctor, the first question they ask is: do you have carpet? The second question is: how are you cleaning it?

The biggest issue with carpet is that it is made to hold on to all the junk in the air you don’t want to breathe. The issue, however, is that when most people clean their carpets and area rugs, they actually just take the bad stuff and pull it out of the carpet and place it in the breathing zone. For instance, if your disposable vacuum has really good suction, it likely has very limited filtration. Good news is that you are successfully getting the bad stuff out of the carpet, but the bad news is you now get to breath it. I mean, really, would you walk around with your nose up close to the but end of your vacuum? I didn’t think so. On the other hand, if you have a portable vacuum with great filtration, it is extremely likely you are not really getting the dirt and gross stuff out of the carpet.

Most allergists and asthma doctors will recommend a central cleaning system for their clients.