How to bring vertical runs into the tubing

We love electricians that install vacuum systems during new home construction. It provides exposure to our industry and more people get to experience the benefits of what we offer.

However, the number of times I see installations that are not up to spec would indicate that the issues are not related to initial training of the installer, but lack of training at all.

The most common problem is the dreaded vertical run tie in. Here is what we see. A sweep tee glued inline with the horizontal run. This might make sense to a plumber, but to a dedicated vac guy this is a disaster.

How long do you think it will take for the vertical tubing to fill up with debris that has been vacuumed from inlets to the left?

This is how it should look. This way, debris from the rest of the system has no chance to fall down the tubing and clog the lower inlet. Additionally, the dirt from the lower inlet can likely make the turn to horizontal before the airflow stops when the system is shut off.