Hide-A-Hose is Clogged

Hide-A-Hose is CloggedA customer called with a clog in their Hide-A-Hose system. As this was one of the first clogs we had experienced in the retractable hose inlet style we chose to go on site rather than give some pointers over the phone.

Upon arrival, we test the system and confirmed the clog using our airflow assessment and vacuum gauge tools. The machine (power unit) was operating perfectly and only one inlet was affected.

We removed the hose entirely from the wall. As suspected, the offending clog was at the wall end of the hose and we simply pulled it out. The homeowner was embarrassed as silk items tend to roll into a ball as they travel through hoses or tubing.

The smallest sized orifice in a Hide-A-Hose inlet system is the end of the hose and that is where you will find most clogs with these systems. The good news is that you don’t need to even call us of this happens and you know where to look first.