Disposable vacuums

If your vacuum is not central, it is disposable. This sounds harsh and for the sake of the landfill I wish it weren’t true. But when compared to built-in cleaning systems, upright and canister vacuums are largely created to last a few years. Even the very nice German portables are often more expensive to repair that they are worth. It is part of living in this day and age. Most things are disposable. This disposable mindset might be the bane of our existence.

Centrals, however, are a bright spot. Yes, the motors often last 20 years and then need to be replaced, but the entire power unit is still used. With a VACUFLO Limited Lifetime Warranty, parts are covered for as long as you live in your home.

We have customers that are still using the central we installed for them in the mid-1970’s. A few new parts along the way, but that kind of dependability is hard to find. Enjoy it with a VACUFLO central cleaning system.